Friday, September 15, 2006

I Can't Breathe

My DS/20 has joined the ARMY and leaves for Basic Combat Training on Monday. It was a shock to us, since he hasn't mentioned doing it for several years, and now, he's in for over 4 years. I catch myself not breathing. I think it's called Stress! I am proud of him, though. He will be at Basic for 9 weeks, plus 6 1/2 weeks of AIT , so we won't see him again until right before Christmas. Then he'll go to Airborne training and Ranger training. I have been, and will be, doing a lot of praying.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Progressing on Gathering Honey

Finally, a progress pic of Gathering Honey! I've stitched the bottom inside portion of the "frame", the bottom portion of the verse, 1 bee, and the start of the leaves and strawberries. I've only backstitched the bee and the center section of the "frame". I know several of you are stitching this pattern, also, but you won't be able to get an accurate feel for the time it takes to actually stitch this by my progress. I have put it down several times, and not stitched at all for weeks. I have really enjoyed stitching it so far.

Some of the reasons my blogging and stitching has been sporadic of late....

We are having a lot of life changes in my family at the moment.
I've been visiting a loved one in the hospital regularly.
I'm looking for a job, (one with an actual paycheck)
I'm trying to find a place for my mom to live
We need to complete a few large projects around the house
Still de-cluttering and simplifying name a few.

DH is on the road again with the band. He'll post some pics probably by tomorrow. Check it out.
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