Thursday, January 10, 2008

January is starting off with a Bang!

As I mentioned earlier, DS/21 came in town for a couple of weeks following Christmas. We got to see him a few times which was great! He had to rely on us and his friends to get around because the military said it was too high risk to drive his motorcycle home. He was disappointed, but managed to see some of his friends and family before flying back to Colorado today. Unfortunately, during his trip, he misplaced his cell phone twice, so he had more "down time" than he had planned, and to top it off, he lost his wallet! Here's a photo of my son-in-law, DS/21, and DS/10 the night we took him out for dinner.
Here's a photo of my son and me. Notice the cut and bump above his right eye. Yep! He got that while he was here, too! I'm just so thankful he got to come home for a visit. I was sad to have to tell him goodbye again. We have no idea when he'll be allowed to return home for a visit.

Today, while he was flying back, I was having minor surgery to remove a cyst on my wrist. I now have a huge wrap on my hand, but I can remove it Saturday. I don't think I will be cross stitching until I remove the wrap. It's bulky and besides, I'm on pain meds, so handling a needle may not be the best idea!!

I also got the results from my MRI on my neck. (2 bulging disc and 1 herniated disc in my neck). No wonder I'm in pain! I got some meds and will have a shot (in my neck) for pain relief in a few weeks. Hopefully, that will buy some time to watch and see if it will get any better (or worse).

That's all for's a little tricky trying to type with this "extra padding" on my hand!
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