Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stitching Update for Gathering Honey & A Crazy Story

Finally, a stitching update. I haven't worked on my WIP, Gathering Honey, in a while. However, I have stitched some more areas since I last updated with a photo. I hope to work on it more consistently until it's complete. I really have enjoyed this design so far. It has so many colors and is very detailed. If you notice the top left corner, it hasn't been backstitched yet. The lower right corner is complete and the backstitching really brings it to life. Trish, of Just Another Stitch in Paradise, is stitching the companion piece to this design, Rose Garden. Gathering Honey and Rose Garden are both OOP designs from the magazine formerly known as Cross Stitch & Country Crafts (now Cross Stitch & Needlework).

I just have to share something we saw today while driving on a very busy, 6-lane parkway (not counting the turning lanes). My DH was driving along and we happened to look to the car beside us: a sleek, silver convertible BMW. The speed limit is 50 mph on this particular road. Keep that in mind. The driver has one hand on a FORK and the other hand is holding a bowl of salad and she's eating it while driving down the road! There also is a passenger in the 2-seater car. I would have said, "Pull over and let me out!" if I'd been riding with her! Can you say it with me..."Things NOT to do while driving!!!" It should be in a David Letterman's Top Ten List! My 12 year old son couldn't believe it either! He has more sense than the woman driving the BMW. I tried to get a picture of her with my phone, but couldn't. It would have made a great youtube video, that's for sure! I hope she didn't hurt someone before she finished that salad! Please tell me, dear blogging friends, that you know this isn't safe! Hands-free driving? I don't think BMW's come with auto-pilot, do they?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rosebriar in the Country - True Southern Dining

Last night our bunco group had dinner instead of playing bunco for the month of July. We dined at Rosebriar in Eads, TN. One of the bunco ladies (thanks, Linda!) had been there a few times and highly recommended it to our group. was wonderful! We are all looking forward to going again.

The owner, Debbie Sisk, has entertained groups at her custom built home for over 15 years. The ambiance was so pleasant!

There are many wonderful antiques and collections vignetted throughout her home. which she based on a planters cottage. Fine china teacups, rose-colored, depression glass cake plates, and vintage lighting all help set the mood. She entertains small groups throughout the year (by reservation only) and has several menus to choose from for brunch, lunch, dinner, and teas. All the meals are prepared fresh in her kitchen. She even has a cookbook! Now, you know I had to buy one! You can find out more about it at Rosebriar Dining. If you want to see more of her beautiful southern home, you can see more photos from Miss Janice who actually had "Tea and Dining Etiquette" seminars at Rosebriar. Miss Janice has some great tablescapes on her blog - Etiquette with Miss Janice, as well. Check them both out!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Contest for French Cross Stitch Book!

I hope I win...but if I don't, maybe you will! It's for a book - Cross Stitch Letters Bible by Valerie Lejeune. Violarium's blog will draw 1 name out of a hat and ship this book to the lucky winner. This 712-page book is full of letters to stitch (more than 800 different alphabets)!

Violarium is an online cross stitch store, selling mainly French designs, magazines and accessories.

If you link Violarium's blog and mention this competition, they will count your name 5 times in the drawing hat! Contest ends July 19th.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Whipped Up Some Napkins

I've used cloth napkins for over 20 years instead of paper. I guess I was being green when it wasn't cool yet. The ones we use every day are worn and faded from many washings, so I needed to sew up some more. Digging through the stash I went. I ended up using a remnant of vintage fabric from dear Aunt Eunice (who passed away over 4 years ago). She was a very thrifty lady, too. She was also partial to purple, as am I. While they aren't perfection, they will definitely be used on a daily basis. Eunice would be proud!

No tutorial is needed. They are a piece of cake. I cut four 17 inch squares and folded each side 1/4 inch, then 1/4 inch again for a finished hem. Finished size is 16 inches. So easy.

I still need a few more. I'll have to do some more digging.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Taggie For Miss P

Here is the first sewing project my DD/27 did mostly on her own. It's a taggie for Miss P.

She used yellow flannel (from my stash) for the back soft! The black and white gingham also pulled from my stash along with the batting. The only cost was ribbon that DD/27 had bought previously. We both wished for a embroidery machine to monogram a big ole "P" right in the middle. Toys can be hooked onto the loops for a really good time. Miss P loves it!
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