Friday, March 23, 2007

Border Stitching

Here is my progress on "Gathering Honey". I haven't backstitched the border flowers or bees yet. You can see that one of the bees on the left border only has wings and no body. I may not back stitch any of the border until I get all the cross stitching done. The photo doesn't do justice to the colors. I am itching to stitch a few other projects, but I'd like to finish this large one first! So much little time.

Changing the subject entirely....
Our team, Univ. of Memphis, won last night...again! Go Tigers!! What an exciting game! I can't begin to tell you how funny the "happy dance" was that my DH and DS/10 did as we scored the winning point in the final 2 seconds of the game.

Check out the funny photo of my DH with the band he is in. This was taken in the Green Room, before they opened up for Jason Aldean. There were about 2,500 people there! Our son said he wondered if they had a button that said, "Son of the Keyboard Player" he could wear. I almost cracked up! ; )

DS/20 is now assigned to Ft. Carson, CO, in the Army Infantry. If anyone knows anything about Ft. Carson, I would like to hear from you.

Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm Still Here... Really

I know I've been a neglectful blogger. I just haven't been able to "express" myself very well lately. I hope to do better.

My soldier son has gotten his orders to be stationed over 16 hours from home. He may possibly be deployed soon. I can't bear to think about that now. It makes my stomach knot up.

This week was spring break for DS/10. He was sick the whole week. We did get to play UNO Attack a few times. It's a fun variation of the card game we enjoy as a family. We've been busy this past month with Pinewood Derby, Science Fair, Scouts, DH's music gigs, VBS decorations, etc.

I have been stitching off and on. I will share a pic shortly.
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