Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Where Did I Go?

Well....I didn't really go anywhere, but my DS/22, who is in the army, was in town for his leave before deploying to Iraq. It was so wonderful to see his face again!! I've missed him terribly!

While he was home, he wrecked his bike and broke his foot in several places. He had burns to his side, shoulder and back. After his accident, he spent most of the remaining time at home, trying to heal. I tried to be a good nurse, but anyone who knows me knows I am not a good one. I did the best I could and we had a few laughs at my ineptness.

Here's his bike (his pride and joy). He rebuilt and painted it himself. This was before the accident.

He received a promotion to "Specialist" before he returned home, and may be a corporal very soon. I am so proud of him! I am also terrified for him, but I know he has been trained well. I know God will look over him no matter where he is (because I keep reminding God about it : } ).

Other Breaking News.......

We found out last week that our first grandchild is a G-I-R-L!!!!! We are overjoyed! It wouldn't have mattered either way, boy or girl, they are both awesome!

I have a couple of other things that have kept me from blogging, but hopefully I'll be able to get back on track soon.

We've been busy with guerilla shopping for school supplies and clothes. There was also a tax-free weekend last weekend, so people who never shop were out shopping. There was craziness on the roads (who turns left from the far right-hand lane??) and even more craziness in the stores. Waiting in line for over 15 minutes to get into a dressing room stall, then another 15 minutes in a checkout line, is not my idea of a fun day.

The Rockstar and I even made a few midnight runs to Walmart to get 5 cent spiral notebooks (aka themebooks, composition books). My DS/11 always corrects me if I don't refer to them as "spirals". I am giving away my age here, but I'm just happy to be any age!

School is starting for DS/11 next week. I am picking up more hours with my job, also. I will still be busy-busy, but I'll try to get in some stitching time. I miss it. I miss the way it relaxes me. It gives me time to think.

Hopefully, I'll have a stitching update soon. We shall see...
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