Friday, December 31, 2004

Goodbye to 2004

I'm slowly trying to take photos of WIP's and completed cross stitch. I updated Stitching Albums. I'll try to post another Fish Medley progress pic soon.
In a stitching roundup:
-Fish Medley (Cross My Heart)
-Engine #1 (Stoney Creek)
-Wedding Ring Sampler (LA)
-Man and Wife (LA)

Quilting WIP
-I Spy Quilt (would like to finish before DS/7 b'day 1/28.

Possible Starts in 2005 (kitted)
-Gathering Honey
-Rose Garden
-Music Stocking
-Stitching Stocking
-Australian Butterfly (JCC 4/89)
-Jesus: Physician ornament (Cross Country Stitching 8/92)
-Jesus: Carpenter ornament (Cross Country Stitching 8/92)
-Jesus: Bread of Life (Cross Country Stitching 12/92)
-Jesus: Author of Faith (Cross Country Stitching 23/92)
-a few others I'll post in the days to come.

In closing, here's the memorial collage I made for my MIL's funeral service.

MIL Collage

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The memorial collage is beautiful - your MIL would have been so proud of it.

I love you man and wife design - it is gorgeous! Who is the designer - is LA Leisure Arts?


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