Sunday, May 01, 2005

Bookcrossing & DeCluttering

I released a few books into the "wild" yesterday. Bookcrossing is a way to pass on books. If you enjoy reading, but have a hard time getting rid of books, this is a great way to pass them on and it's fun. I visit library book sales and buy books from .10 to $2.00.

Books just wanna be FREE! See what I mean at:

Please show "Institches" as your referrer if you sign up. See the books I've set


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I signed up for this service too!
--juliana (jaldous)

Lynnette said...


Just wanted to let you know that I found your site via, and I think your idea of passing on books is great!

Thanks for letting us know about "Bookcrossing"...

I've linked to your article here:

I've also encouraged my readers to use you as their referral.

Lynnette said...

Thanks for the blogroll, Froggie!...

Believe it or not, I happened upon the Dani site a while ago in my search of Tennessee Bloggers, but I didn't know about your husband's MusicJock site... it looks good!

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