Thursday, May 18, 2006

VBS Prep

My church's VBS is in June and we had a "workday" on Tuesday. The theme is Son Treasure Island. I am responsible for making the blowfish, the 5 medallions, palm trees, etc. We used an overhead projector to trace the items that had transparencies. We didn't have any foam core board, so I'll have to buy some or improvise. The blowfish are made of a painted 6 inch styrofoam ball with pipecleaners stuck in it. Then large wiggle eyes are added. You can see the brown and green blowfish in the underwater photo and the medallions are in the other. I'll share photos of the ones we make when they are done. (These are the samples).

1 comment:

Faith Ann said...

Those displays look *awesome*! What a lot of work!

Love the pics from your daughter's wedding... she was a beautiful bride!

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