Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Rose Garden in Paradise

I am very excited to know that Trish, Just Another Stitch in Paradise, is stitching the companion piece to Gathering Honey. It's called Rose Garden and it's from Cross Stitch and Country Craft Magazine. I plan to cross stitch it after I complete Gathering Honey. Her stitching is gorgeous! Take a look!


Trish said...

Two years ago or so I started stitching Gathering Honey for a Bees Round Robin. I stitched the hive, the stone paths and the garden walls of the center. Unfortunately, the person I sent it to in the UK fell ill and it was never found by her husband.

I do have plans to stitch this design again. So far, no errors in the Rose Garden pattern. They really do look more complicated than they are to stitch.

Thanks for the plug!

BlissxStitches said...

Which magazine issue was the rose garden in please? It's beautiful! i've been inspired and have the 'gathering honey' ready to go.

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