Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bunco was a hit!

Well, this past Tuesday, our Bunco (aka Bunko) was at my house. Everyone had a good time, though we only played with 2 tables (total of 8 players) instead of 3 tables (total of 12 players). Music can really make or break a gathering, as I discovered that evening. I put the T.V. on XM Radio (channel 804 in our area). This channel, called "70's at 7" played 70's music continuously. Everyone loved it. I'll have to remember that for next time. Every time I looked around, several of the ladies were groovin' to the music. They even started rolling the dice to the beat. It was a hoot!

DH is doing well in his class, with all A's so far. He's a rock star AND a computer geek! Imagine that!

Now, if I could just find a J-O-B. Between Hotjobs, Craigslist, the local newspapers, private business career pages,, and others, it's just confusing to sort out. Surely, one will turn up soon.


ollie1976 said...

I'm going through the same thing right now-trying to find a job-good luck.

Von said...

I played bunco last nite too! :) Won third place!!!

Good luck with the job search.

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