Friday, November 26, 2004

The Christmas Stocking is Missing!

This is an Alma Lynne design called "The Earth Angels - Winter". I stitched it on a stocking I made for My DD/23 in 1996. I stitched her name on the cuff and added antique lace. The inside is lined with burgundy fabric with the back side in burgundy velvet. I added a pre-made tassel. It took well over a year to stitch because I was stitching it mostly on lunch hours. I substituted the french knots for the holly berries in the basket & headpiece with burgundy Mill Hill antique beads. Last year, when we got out all the Christmas decorations, the stocking was nowhere to be found! My DD/23 was so upset. I tore the house apart looking for it. We went through last Christmas without her having her stocking. I was sick! All that time I spent cross-eyed from so many shades of burgundy, and now it was gone. When Easter rolled around, I got up in the attic to pull out Easter baskets, and low and behold, there was one box of Christmas items far in the back crevices of the attic we had missed. I ripped off the lid and there, neatly wrapped in tissue, was this stocking. I hung it up and it's been out all year awaiting Christmas. I was afraid to store it again for fear of misplacing it! I realized how important it was to DD/23 when it came up missing.

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