Saturday, November 27, 2004

Sunday Stroll

I stitched this Gloria & Pat design for my DD/23 in 1992 (she was 12). I asked her to pick out a design for me to stitch for her birthday. It has 37 DMC colors! Some of the shades are so close in color that it made it a real challenge. At that point in time, it was the largest stitching project I had tackled. Stitching time was over a year because I only could stitch on weekends and lunch hours. She thought I would never finish it. If you like the design, it is found in "A Merry Mouse Book of Favorite Poems". I believe it is out of print.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow - 47 colours! That is so cute! I bet DD was really pleased with it when you finished it.

Just found your blog on a link from a comment you made on anothers homepage. I am in the process of setting a blog up too - hopefully it'll be online by the end of today. I don't know why but I am really struggling with it. Must be something wrong on my computer as I'm following the instructions letter by letter and it is still not working :-(( Oh well, try, try and try again!
Karen F

Froggie said...

I had some problems with setup, too. I thought the html code "hl" was "ones" instead of lowercase "L"'s. They look the same, but I should have known better! When you get your blog set up, send me the link and I will check it out!

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