Friday, July 22, 2005

Fishing Trip

DH took DS/8 fishing for the first time. The first fish he caught was this 1 lb. catfish! He caught several brim, also. He was very excited, though a little leary of the fish flipping around. He tried out his new fishing pole. They used hotdogs, instead of lures though.It was 99 degrees today so tey couldn't stay very long. It was just too hot! (Memphis is under a heat advisory!) Here is DH's Catch-of-the-Day! It was about a 5 lb. catfish! Who knew that catfish love hotdogs?

*Note to Readers: I removed the photos of the fish, due to the comment below. You can still see them, but you have to click on the above links. I didn't dream they would be upsetting to anyone.


Juul said...

Dear Froggie and family,

I hate the ill treatment of animals, a fish has feelings too, you know. Would you like it if someone dragged you out your environment, with a hook through your palate, into an environment in witch you could not breath! Then with a lot of pain, gasping for breath, how would you feel? Think about that, next time when you eat a hotdog (which once was an animal to). Yes, when I was a kid my father also took me fishing, but I taught my son to respect the feelings of other creatures, and that includes fish. I just cannot look at those pictures of the fish, without feeling their pain, and I thought someone had to defend them…
I do love your Gathering Honey project, and I wish you much courage with the French knots, I know what a trouble they can be.
I did not want to offend you, just stand up for the rights of those poor fish.

Juul said...

Thanks for thinking about my feelings, now think about the fish
next time you go(or not go?)fishing. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
Chinese Proverb

Suz said...

Dear Froggie,

I am *thrilled* that your son caught fish and had a great time. I think that anyone who reads my blog knows that I love fishing and I'm an avid angler and love fishing and hunting.

Give your DS a huge congrats from me, there's nothing like catching your first fishes :)

Btw, I always catch catfish with Velveeta (go fig), and if you guys are ever way down here, you've so got to go fishing with us! LOL

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