Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I Stand Corrected!

Okay, so everyone thinks the design above the lettuces are carrots. Well, after backstitching them, it turns out that they are CARROTS, not cactus, like I thought. If you only look at the charted picture, they look like cactuses. The more I backstitched, the more they looked like carrots! So, I asked my DH (who, by the way, had read my earlier post) what he thought they were. He said that they are carrots. That makes a way more sense than cactus. What was I thinking? Oh well, sorry for the confusion. The carrots, however, look very nice since they have been backstitched (if anyone even cares after all of this!!!!) I'll post a updated pic as soon as I complete that upper left corner.

We bought a new digital camera today!!! YAY!!

We also went to the Vesta Home Show today. The show consist of 11 newly built homes (5,000 - 6,500 sq. ft.) in a new neighborhood. They are on 1 - 5 acre lots. They were gorgeous!!! We got lots of ideas for our next home and also loads of decorating ideas. We took photos of a few of them. If we are able to build our next home, it will not be anywhere near the size of these, but it was still fun to dream!

Today, I have been married to the most handsome, loving, and patient man I know...my DH, for 14 years. I love him more each day.

This is for him since I didn't get him a card....

Hello, It's Me...Loving You
Just You & Me... Always
You Are My Inspiration...Forever
More Than Words...Could Ever Express
I Love You


Barbara said...

Happy anniversary!!!

And if I ever have a salad at your house, I'm going to carefully check for any cactus in there first!! LOL

Chiara said...

Happy anniversary!!
Your Gathering Honey is wonderful...I like very much the stone that anclose the garden...it must be difficult stitching it but really gratifying, as you said..

Lelia said...

cheers! Happy Anniversary! Yes, carrots in the garden. That makes me laugh. Enjoy the week-end.

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