Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ta-Da! Stitching Progress!

All of the center garden of Gathering Honey is completely stitched. Go me! Now, on to the honeycone border and flowers. I am still enjoying this design. If any of you are considering stitching this design at some point, don't let my lengthy stitching time lead you to think it is a difficult design. I just haven't worked on it consistently. I probably could have finished it months ago had I worked on it steadily.

Unfortunately, my DD has told me she isn't really into cross stitch. While that blew a hole into me stitching a wedding sampler, it did free up time for me to help her prepare for her wedding day. I actually found something I think I may stitch after the wedding, but I can't share it here because she reads my blog. I actually found the project on one of the cross stitch BBs. After the wedding is behind us, I'll share more on that.


Von said...

GH is a beautiful project! Looking forward to your finish. :D
Better that your dd shared with you her preferences than to hold it to herself and just store a precious project that you spent many hours stitching in a closet! Have fun together planning the wedding!

Lisa (Froggyhead) said...

I've just left a long comment and then, in my excitement, forgot to fill in the identifying bits and lost it. lol

I'll try to recall the highlights. First, your GH is really lovely. I've been watching your progress with everyone else and it's been so much fun seeing it fill in.

Second, I was looking through your stitching album and saw EArth Angel. I was surprised because I am preparing to stitch her from a library book. (I'll have to check now to see if they are all Alma Lynn). In the book she is finished as a giant wallhanging and is just stunning, but I really like the stocking now and that may be more practical. Hmmm....what to do. It's neat to see her stitched a different way and to see her "new" lol as the book (at least I thought) is fairly old.

Enjoy the wedding planning. Your daughter will never forget it. :)

Faith Ann said...

Gathering Honey is gorgeous... congrats on the finish!

Susimac said...


Adventure girl said...

Gathering Honey... SUCH a beautiful name! Wonderful, glad you finished it!
Adventure Girl

BeckySC said...

Gorgeous progress! I have had this one earmarked for a very long time...maybe you will put me in the mood :)
It's looking great!
AND, you have a beautiful daughter :)

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