Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ornament Index and "Gathering Honey" Hunt

Julie asked where to find the ornaments and Gathering Honey....

Jeremiah Junction's magazine, Cross Country Stitching, is where I have gotten all the Names of Jesus ornaments. On their site, they have an index for each and every design, including the Names of Jesus Ornaments. It saves SO much time when I'm looking for a design that has a particular verse. When you click on the design, it even displays the photo, colors of thread needed, etc. which is very helpful, too.

I just found this on their site, too. It's a specialty stitch diagram chart. How cool is that?! I plan to renew my subscription when I go back to work. It's one of my favorite stitching magazines.

The Gathering Honey chart and it's companion, Rose Garden, can be found online.

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Mrs.Julie_B said...

Thanks for the information! I have my order placed!

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