Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Decluttering is a good thing!

I've begun the overwhelming process of decluttering our home. Spring cleaning is next. It's amazing what can accumulate over the years! DS/10 has begun going through his things, also. I haven't missed one item that we've donated to charity. I love having more space, less clutter.

DH replaced our worn-out bathroom sink and counter in the master bath. It looks so much better!

I have stitched a bit on Gathering Honey since my last progress pic. I'll share a new one soon. I really need to finish it. I'm anxious to start a new "big" project.

Thanks to all who read my blog and comment. I enjoy reading each and every one!


Vonna said...

It is amazing how much clutter builds up around the house! Good luck to you on the endeavor and spring cleaning...makes me tired thinking about it :)

claudia said...

I could use some of your energy to de-clutter my house. I have been trying to dismember some unsightly bushes at the front of my house. I ignored them too long I think and now it's taking me forever to get rid of them! Next will be the house. Argh!

BlissxStitches said...

Me too! Send over whatever left-over declutter vibes you have! We are living in mayhem because of a kitchen reno gone wrong. There is stuff everywhere!

I guess if I'm not going to have a kitchen for 15 weeks more (the old one got pulled out & then the cabinet maker decided not to do any more), I will learn to live without stuff, so may as well get rid of it.

It's lovely to see you post, too. I miss you between times.

Mary Ann said...

You have been busy! I need to declutter around here--want to come do it for me??

BlissxStitches said...

Ok, ok. It has been weeks. What did you find when you were cleaning? Anything good?

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