Saturday, May 26, 2007

We have Too much stuff!

I've been cleaning out closets and it is amazing what can accumulate over 16 years in one house! A yellow and green polka dot purse, a gold fake leather purse (eww!) and red felt hat with a feather are just a few of the items that have got to go. We are having a yard sale next weekend, so we are still rummaging through the clutter. "One man's junk is another man's treasure"....right? I hope so, because we definitely have a lot of junk to sell and donate! I think it would be way more productive to have an unbiased person go through the stuff with me. I know I'd probably get rid of even more. I am learning (and it's about time), that we all actually need very little stuff. I haven't put aside one item for the sale that I've regretted. The deeper I go into the clutter abyss, the more I want to let go of the stuff that isn't useful or has a sad or negative memory attached to it.

Today, in observance of Memorial Day, DS/10 participated, with his scout troop, in a parade and placing flags on 47,000 soldiers' graves at National Cemetery. He's 2nd from the left in the back row.
He did this last year, but it takes on a whole new meaning this year, since his brother is in the army now.


Dawn said...

What an honor for him! He looks so handsome:)

Vonna said...

He's a cutie :) What a glorious thing he's learning from remembering the fallen soilders and the ones that work hard every day to maintain our freedoms.

I hear you about decluttering...I had to do it last year when we moved...If I could just get my husband "on board" I'd be in business! He continues to horde BOXES of 1980's music tapes that probably don't even work any more!

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