Thursday, November 22, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving to all my blogging buddies!

We actually celebrated last night, so today we are recuperating. I hardly took any photos, but here's a couple...
The photo above is my mom and daughter. My daughter works for an orthodontist, so she has braces (a job perk) for the 2nd time. Here's another of the 3 many guys does it take to carve a turkey?We had a big meal, played a few rounds of Uno (card game), then watched Deal-or-No-Deal on TV. We began at 5 and everyone left around 10pm. Today is leftover day. Yeah!!!

Unfortunately, DS/21 wasn't able to come home from Ft. Carson, so that was tough. I did get to talk to him by phone though. He's hoping to come home after Christmas. (We haven't seen him since February.) He's the one in the foreground.

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