Friday, March 05, 2010

Another Pillowcase Dress

This was a fun project! I used the notes I had written before when I helped my DD made the previous pillowcase dress.

She provided the fabric (1 yard cotton)
I purchased the grosgrain ribbon ("shocking electric pink" color) 2 yards
I had vintage brick red rick rack and threads to match in my stash.


NOTE: Make sure you have your iron handy! There is quite a bit of ironing for this project!

Cut 2 panels (RST-right sides together) 18" wide x 22" long
Press under 1/4" on all 4 side seams (the 22" sides are the side seams)
Press under another 1/4" on all 4 side seams and stitch close to edge.
Pin the 2 panels (RST) at the side seams from the bottom edge up to 16" from the top. (mark with a pin).
Sew 1/2" side seams from bottom edge up to the 16" mark and STOP. (these will later become armholes.)
Press seams flat.
Press under bottom edge 1".
Press under bottom edge additional 1" and pin.
Sew hem close to edge.
On front and back panel, fold under 1/2" and Press.
Fold under another 1 1/4" and Press, pin and Stitch close to edge. Either lay the 36" ribbon in tunnel before sewing or feed through the tunnel afterward...just be careful not to catch it in the stitching if you do it the first way!)
Gather the fabric to the middle of the ribbon leaving 7" of gathered front and back panels and equal amounts of ribbon (approx. 14" of ribbon on each side).
Sew the fabric to the ribbon on the edge to keep the ribbon in place.
I cut the ribbon at an angle and burned the edges to keep it from unraveling.


Anonymous said...

really cute.

willie said...

dang your a busy lil beaver!how do you get all this stuff done ?

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