Monday, March 01, 2010

Pillowcase Dress & Recycled Shirt Dress

I'm teaching my DD, at Moms the Word, to sew. She wants to make things for her daughter who is one year old (my granddaughter). I took measurements from a purchased pillowcase dress she had and added seam allowances and showed her some basic sewing techniques. All the sewing was straight stitching which was good practice for her on the sewing machine. She had white satin ribbon in her stash that we used for the ties. This photo was taken before the ends of the ribbon were trimmed and treated, so please overlook! The photo doesn't do the dress justice. Hopefully, I'll have one with my beautiful granddaughter modeling it soon!
Here is an earlier project I sewed a few weeks ago for my granddaughter. My DD found a tutorial on Waldeck Dry Goods blog for a dress made from a shirt with fabric added to it. I didn't follow the tutorial exactly, but it is the same result.Of course, it looks much better with my sweet model in it! I used one of my granddaughter's Gap shirts that was getting a little short. She's ready to go shopping!

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