Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hectic Week

This has been a hectic week. I have stitched on Fish Medley and almost completed another fish. I hope to post a progress photo soon, maybe Sunday.

I'm preparing for our annual Girl's Gathering at the lake.
to do:
20 copies of recipe -in process
gift for "princess-for-a-weekend" -done
food to share -not yet
pack -not yet

I'd better get busy!

In the middle of other chores, I get the bright idea to make DH some business cards. The main problem with that is my publishing program isn't user friendly. After blowing way too much time, I hopefully have forwarded it to be printed. We'll see.

This morning, DH had a TV appearance with the band, Dani, to promote the compilation cd of Beatles tunes. It went great! You can view the show here. A CD Release Party at Isaac Hayes Club is scheduled for Saturday night. There will be 3 sets of music. DH will be playing with all the other musicians that recorded for the CD. He's looking forward to it.

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Adventure girl said...

I hate it when I'm busy!
adventure girl

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