Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Katrina - Giving Me a New Perspective

Hurricane Katrina has been such an eye opener! I am so glad I don't work for FEMA. What was the delay all about? Politics! Protocol! Oh, Pleeeeassssse! Thousands of people ripped from their homes, losing love ones, and some dying before FEMA can get their act together. It just makes me sick for all those people who, not only have to deal with the devastation of the disaster caused by Katrina, but also the disaster created by FEMA's incompetence. No apology will replace the loss of life that was caused by this mess.

Our church is housing and feeding about 117 Katrina survivors and growing. They even had a job fair today to help the survivors find employment. In an email I received from our church staff, it states, "Only a few hours ago the first Bellevue Disaster Relief Team left for Louisiana to assist with the immense relief efforts of helping the many people displaced by the flooding. Bellevue plans to continue to send at least one Disaster Relief Team a week to the disaster area for the next year."
They will be taking supplies and monetary gifts as well as feeding those who need that assistance. I think other churches are giving the same type of help. Hopefully, it will shine some light on these dark days.

On a totally different note,

I managed to run over my cell phone yesterday following my grandmother's funeral. Leave it to me to do something that lame! It fell out of my lap as I was getting out of my van. I later moved my van into the driveway (and ran over the phone, I think). If I didn't run over it, my neighbor did or the big school bus ran over it. All I know for sure is one of us ran over it. It will work randomly, but I can't dial any numbers. How awful it must have been for all those people involved in Katrina who didn't have cell phone service to call their loved ones! Everything seems to take on a secondary value to human life...isn't that the way it should be?

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