Thursday, September 29, 2005

Still no stitching

I haven't had an opportunity to do any stitching yet. DH had a nerve block on Monday for his back (ruptured L4). Now, he has begun physical therapy and it is helping relieve the pain. He will be off work a few more weeks at least. He's been busy with music, practicing and performing.

DS/8 is feeling better after having strep throat for the second time since June! It's so hard to see him sick, especially when he runs fever.

DD/24 is busy planning her wedding. She has selected her florist and photographer. She doesn't blog too often, but she did write about the proposal. You can read about it here.

DS/19 is being illusive. That's not unusal, but hard to get used to, since he doesn't have a phone and doesn't answer my emails. I do a lot of praying for him.

I have been having some foot pain problems for some time. I'm having trouble walking at times. I plan to see a doctor soon. In the meantime, my DH bought me some "sensible" shoes. They are Skechers. We bought the at Kohl's for $44. They are very comfortable, although I have to wear inner soles with a heel support in them because of the heel pain. The challenge now is what to wear with them! LOL!

Maybe I will get to stitch some tonight since DH has a gig tonight.
It will be just DS/8 and me at home.


Anonymous said...
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Isabelle said...

Hi Froggie, hope your husband is feeling better. Fortunately he has a wonderful passion for his hobby to keep him sane and happy!

Hope you can solve that foot pain very quickly... Heel pain can be so bad! I hope your doctor will find the cause and relieve you very, very fast...

Hope you did manage to get a little stitching done! I'm sure it'll do you good ;o)

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