Friday, January 21, 2005

Beginning Moorish Idol

Fish Medley has 5 fish in the design. I will begin stitching the Moorish Idol next. It's the largest of the three remaining fish, so if I get this huge one out of the way, the last two will go quicker. Once all the fish are stitched, I'll add the coral and backstitch everything. Cross stitching may go slowly this week due to other projects that are more urgent.

Today, I've been stripping wallpaper off the guest/children's bathroom. This project consists of stripping, mudding, and painting. Hopefully, it will be complete before next Friday.

Also, I am planning DS/7's birthday party for this weekend. He is into Pokemon, so I found a coloring page and reduced it and made invitations. Cost = $0!!! I just love my computer. I haven't bought the first gift or done any of the planning yet, however. I've got to get busy. Oh yes, I failed to mention, I'm also attempting to finish the I Spy quilt before his birthday. I may be dreaming, but we'll see.

1 comment:

Adventure girl said...

Great stiching! I tried it, but I couldn't do it!
so I tried knitting but that didn't work either so know I'm crocheting, and we'll seee how that goes!

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