Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I Spy Quilt Progress

I Spy quilt progress
Notice the book is open to the actual pattern I am using for my DS/7's I Spy quilt. It's the first pieced quilt I have sewn. I would not recommend this particular pattern as a beginner project. Hopefully, I will finish it before his birthday at the end of this month.


Mia said...

Froggie, the quilt is soooo cool. I take it your DS is an I Spy book fan. So is my DD who is 7. She loves the books and the computer games and does them over and over. I also enjoyed looking at your WIP and your sewing room. Very neat. I would love a room but for now I am content with a closet in our family room. :)

Faith Ann said...

What a beautiful quilt! My ambition is to learn quilting someday...we'll see if I ever get around to it.

Glad to hear that your daughter is okay. Hopefully the soreness won't last long.

As for your sewing looks awesome! I'm so jealous of people who have room to display and organize their crafty stuff...mine is all stored in toteboxes in various closets and on shelves. I dream of a craft room!

lissylaine said...

What a great quilt!!! Looks like you're doing great - can't wait to see it finished!!!

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