Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Yellow Angel Fish

I'm still stitching on the yellow angel fish that is in the Fish Medley design. I've probably logged four hours during the last few days. Over the weekend, DH and I watched the movie, Troy, and I cross stitched some then. Also, we watched "24" and it's hard to get any stitching done during that show because I can't follow it and stitch at the same time. Every time DH watched a ballgame, I took that opportunity to be with him and cross stitch. I'm learning girls, I'm learning. I will try to post a progress pic of Fish Medley later tonight.

In other news, DH will be playing January 29th at Isaac Hayes for two 1 hour shows. They have fabulous food! We're looking forward to returning to this venue. If you're in Memphis, drop by and hear some great music (I'm biased) and have some awesome food! We'd love to see you!

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