Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sentimental Journey

My SIL and I went through some of my MIL's sewing room stash today. In case you are new to my blog, my MIL passed away in December. She had begun a cathedral windows quilt for my DH. It looks as though she had cut out all the pieces at one time. It is completely hand stitched. I'll post a photo of it in the next day or two. We ran across so many projects she had begun over the years. It was such a treat to see some of her crafting and sewing projects. She loved crazy quilts, sunbonnet sue, and Victorian designs.

DS/7 was sick this weekend with a cold. I did, however, manage to add 2 more rows to his I-Spy quilt. I didn't get to do any cross stitching, though. Hopefully, I'll get a few stitches in during the next few days.


Adventure girl said...

I'm sorry about the friend.
Congrats on the quilt, though.Its doing great!
Adventure girl

Faith Ann said...

Your MIL is lucky to have had you for a daughter-in-law, not everyone would appreciate her crafts and give them the attention they deserve. I hope you will be able to finish the quilt she started for your DH.

Hope your DS is feeling better...mine has a cold now too and we're not having much fun!

Amy said...

I found you through Taneya's weblog. I'm also in Memphis, so I thought I would drop by! Sorry to hear about your MIL. It's great that you can appreciate her work, though. You'll always be able to keep part of her around that way!

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