Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Train Stalled and Fish "Just Keep Swimming"

Engine #1 WIP
I started stitching this on 11/6/00, for DS/7. It's from Stoney Creek Cross Stitching Magazine Nov/Dec. '89. All that is left is the backstitching. If you look closely, you can see the right side of part of the train, wheels, and tracks are backstitched already. The fabric is 14ct. white aida. I'm not sure if I'll frame it or make it a pillow insert.

Hopefully, in the next few days, I'll have the second fish stitched in Fish Medley. I'll post a progress pic then.

I finally got the tree and some of the Christmas decorations put away, although I usually leave the Dickens' Village displayed until February. DS/7 returned to school this morning following Christmas break. He's in 2nd grade. We painted his room a deep sea blue/green recently, to rid him of his "nursery" look. He and I are planning to make some fish for his wall out of foam core. I'm still working on the idea. He wanted fish painted directly on the wall, but I thought the cut-outs would be fun for he and I to decorate and embellish.

We are being given a small aquarium today for DS/7's room. He has been doing extra chores to earn money for one. He doesn't know about the aquarium yet. Now he'll be able to use his money for fish, etc. We've had a 29 gallon fish aquarium in the past, but it was before DS/7 was born.

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, what a treat for him! I love aquariums. We have a large one in our living room - it's about 44 gallon I think. You can see the piccies on my hubbies pages of foliage corner (www.foliagecorner.co.uk. The train is great too. I bet he'll love it. You'll have to post a photo of his room when you've done the fish for the walls and set up the aquarium.

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