Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Emma's Crazy Quilt

Quilt Block Dated 1909

Emma's Crazy Quilt

Close Up of Signature Block

My DH inherited this crazy quilt top from his aunt who passed away in May. The quilt was sewn by Emma Hallmark in 1909. We are still researching who she is because two descendants during that time had the same name. Looking at current crazy quilt works, this piece may seem a little plain, but it is authentic and very representative of the time it was pieced. There are no "specialty threads", no "fancy fabrics", just handiwork done with love. It's priceless. We have displayed it over an antique spinning wheel. I would love to preserve it and hang it on the wall. I need more information on how to do it properly.


Little Grey Cat said...

Oh that quilt is gorgeous! I do hope you find out who she is and publish your findings in your blog. I would certainly be interested. I love stories like that.

Amy said...

What a wonderful heirloom! Family momentos like this truly are priceless.

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