Friday, February 25, 2005

Move 'Em In, Move 'Em Out

DH and I have spent all day moving furniture and boxes of MIL's things from her home to donate. Her home will be sold and the real estate agent has advise to empty the home first. Then, she'll put a sign in the yard. This is primo selling season, so we're moving forward. Hopefully, this process will go quickly. The home is in great shape with 5 bedrooms, hardwood floors, and on a corner lot. SIL decided to move in it 2 years ago which slowed the process of emptying out the home somewhat, but we knocked out a few large items today. The motivation is "You can't sell a home that the buyer can't see". It's amazing how little things can make such a big difference in a prospective buyer's eyes. They don't want to see your personal items, but instead, they want to imagine how their belongings will look in the space. The show, Designed to Sell, has great information on selling a home. If you ever intend on selling your home, it's well worth watching to get ideas.

In stitching news, I haven't stitched today, but hopefully tonight I'll get in some stitching time on Fish Medley. I want to cross stitch my son some of the free designs on Rainbow Gallery's website, but I wanted to use DMC. Does anyone know of a conversion chart for Rainbow Gallery thread and DMC?

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Adventure girl said...

Hey it's adventure girl! I've been very busy! soooo.....
It's very hard to move, i've moved about 5 times before
Adventure girl

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