Thursday, February 24, 2005

Emma's Quilt Mystery

My DH contacted an aunt regarding Emma's crazy quilt. She told us:

"There are two scenarios, I remember seeing the quilt.
1. Emma Susan Hallmark, 1901-1927, was grandma Killingsworth's (Ethel) younger sister. Someone could have made this quilt for her since in 1909 she was only 8 years old or

2. Emma Eason Killingsworth, 1887-1958 or Mary Roxie Hallmark 1866-1938 (Emma Susan's mother) could have made the quilt for Emma Susan. Mary Roxie was famous for making quilts. Mary Roxie and Emma Eason Killingsworth were sisters.

Most likely the quilt was give to Emma Susan by one of those."

If I get more history on the quilt, I'll blog about it. So far, I'm leaning toward the scenario of Emma S. Hallmark's mom, Mary, as the quilter. That's just a guess, though.

The quilt hasn't been quilted, so it only has the top portion. Had it been quilted, possibly a quilt label with the information of the quilter, etc. would have been on it. This is a valuable lesson on why labeling your quilts and cross stitching is so important for future generations. I must do better at this myself.

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