Monday, February 21, 2005

Slow Progress on Fish Medley

I haven't made much progress on Fish Medley lately. I am slowly stitching the large angel fish. I'll post a pic soon. I'm itching to start cross stitching yet another project. I want to finish at least one WIP before starting a new project, but it's just so tempting.

Some of the women in my family have begun a Bunco group. We played last Thursday night. It was a great time and very fast paced. If you have any ideas for clever Bunco gifts, leave me a comment.

My DH taught my DS/8 how to play the card game, Uno. He loves it. He picked it up quickly and he keeps up with the scores. It's a great game for his math skills. We had always played Skipbo and Crazy Eights, but I think Uno is the new favorite.

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Renee said...

When I lived in Mississippi I belonged to a Bunko group. It was so much fun! I sure do miss it.

In my group candles, picture frames, Bath and Body Works goodes, and other kickknacks were popular gifts.


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