Saturday, February 05, 2005

Glass House 383

Last night, my DH and I met some friends downtown to hear a jazz trio, BBN (Bepop Broadcasting Network), at a Gallery & Bistro called Glasshouse 383. The drummer , Dave Kropf, is also the drummer for my DH's band, Dani. It's Memphis' first contemporary studio glass gallery and bistro featuring museum quality works by glass artists across the country. It was a relaxed atmosphere and the menu featured Italian grilled Panini sandwiches. We had the "Tuscany" sandwich with potato salad. To top it off, we shared a slice of Triple Chocolate Cheesecake. Ummm....yummy!

The gallery has beautiful glass-blown sculptures, perfume bottles, vases, and paperweights, among other items. It's a spectacular sight to see all that glass-blown art in one place. It is like having color overload, if there is such a thing!

One item that was actually affordable was a heart-shaped glass paperweight. There was a collection of them in all sorts of colors and patterns in a basket. Seeing the basket of hearts was like being in a needlework shop and looking at a pile of specialty threads in all your favorite colors. Awesome to behold. How do you pick just one? The small hearts were $25. Hint to DH. Valentine's Day is around the corner! This item isn't on Glasshouse 383's website, nor is another item that would make a great Valentine's gift. It was a clear glass-blown candy kiss.

Glasshouse 383 is located at 383 S. Main Street in Memphis and is on a trolley line. After the first set, DH and I headed home (he had to work today), but our friends hopped on the trolley and rode to Beale Street to hear some more live music. It was a fun evening.

If you ever visit Memphis, you must stop in and check it out.

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