Thursday, June 23, 2005

Brain Surgeon?

I have an appointment with a neuro-surgeon next Tuesday. No kidding?! He will review my CT scan and MRI scans. I don't know any details of my MRI, except that this appointment was requested as a result of this test. Hopefully, I'll know more on my brain, or lack there of, next week!

DH recorded the Beatles song, "Oh, Darling", in the studio today with Dani and her band. It will be one of the songs on the upcoming "Fried Glass Onions II" CD that is in the process of being recorded. He had a great time in the studio. Tonight, he'll be playing at Rum Boogie with Dani and her band.

In the meantime, today I got in a little stitching time on Gathering Honey. I also started on an ornament. It's a small enough project to take along while I'm watching DS/8 at soccer camp this week. It's an ornament from the magazine, Cross Country Stitching, the December 1992 issue. The ornament is "Jesus-Author of Faith". I'll have to post a pic when I get a few more stitches in.

1 comment:

Kiwi Jo said...

Good luck for your doctor's appointment tomorrow. I hope there is nothing serious wrong and you get some relief soon. ((hugs))

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