Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I haven't crossed many stitches since returning from Chattanooga. I was backstitching Fish Medley and a section of my needlework stand cracked! The stand is the original Gazelle and is about 12 years old. I'm sick about it. The piece that cracked is the one that holds everything, including the scroll, and bookholder. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me about what stand you use and the reason you chose it. I may have to replace mine since it's useless if I can't get a replacement part.

I did have a non-stitching HD this week. DH and I finished the ceramic tile in our kitchen! Yay! Now, we have to do the laundry closet and we are officially finished tiling floors (that's after tiling the den, livingroom, and kitchen).


Terri said...

I have a stand but I use it for needlepoint. I got it at for $45 (if that helps)

Faith Ann said...

Sorry to hear the news about your stand...that's frustrating. I just have a small lapstand that I use (on occasion) and I bought it at my local LNS, it's a style that a local woodworker designed so not one of the big-name varieties.

Hope you're able to find a good replacement soon!

A huge congrats on finishing the tile...that stuff is a pain!

Connie said...

I also have the Gazelle stand and remember that one of the knobs cracked. I called the company and they were very nice and sent me the replacement piece free of charge. They said that they would happily replace anything on the stand that breaks from normal use as long as it wasn't from dropping, hitting etc. I would give them a call.

Glenda said...

Bummer about the stand. I hope it's resolved quickly.

And congrats on the tiling. The best thing we did when building our house was refusing to install carpet anywhere.

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