Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Progress on Gathering Honey

Here's the first progress pic for Gathering Honey. I haven't backstitched any of it, yet. I usually do that last. It's going a little slow because I'm railroading each stitch. I am still getting used to this way of stitching. I really like how it makes the stitches flat and smooth. This has always been one of my favorite designs, so it's been enjoyable to stitch so far. This is the very first design I've ever stitched for myself since I began cross stitching over 22 years ago. None of my friends or family cross stitch (that I'm aware of), so the only way I see other projects is by cruising blogs or online galleries. It's keeping me motivated to do the one thing that relaxes me. So, thanks to all you gals who spend the time to put your work online.


lissylaine said...

Ooh, that is so pretty, what a great start! I hope everything went well with your visit to Dr. Brain. Thanks for sharing your photos with us too!

cathymk said...

Looks lovely so far - what a great start.

I don't have any stitching friends IRL either (only the LNS lady - I think we have a more financial relationship lol) so the bloggers and boarders are real inspiration to me too.

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