Monday, June 20, 2005

Weekend WhirlwindI

DH played music at Friday night's Memphis Redbirds game. There was a large crowd, so it was a lot of fun. Saturday night, DH played music at Isaac Hayes Club again. It was a great show!

Father's Day was nice. We went out to eat and spent time with family. Later, last night, we watched the Eagles Farewell 1 Tour Live From Melbourne DVD that was one of DH's Father's Day gifts. What an awesome concert! I highly recommend it if you are an Eagle's fan.

I had to make a working copy of Gathering Honey today. (I tried earlier, but I didn't notice that while the chart appeared to be black and white, it actually had pesky red symbols and lines, also! Duh! Hopefully, I can actually get some stitching action today...finally!

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