Saturday, June 11, 2005

Happy Dance for Fish Medley

Fish Medley is complete!!! However, I noticed a small ink spot, at least I think it is ink, on the fabric. Do any of you know of a way to get this out without harming the stitching or fabric? Let me know if you have suggestions. What a difference it makes when you backstitch a piece! It just brings everything to life.

DS/8 attended Vacation Bible School at our church this past week. He had a blast!

They learned the Lord's Prayer, verse by verse, so now he knows the whole prayer by memory. I am so proud of him. It was quite a sight to see the rooms that were decorated for the children. A lot of work goes into it. I saw a lot of great ideas that could be adapted for a school classroom that has a safari theme. You can see some of the decorations here.

As you may remember, our Pastor, Dr. Rogers, retired recently. Now he has colon cancer. He has already had surgery once, and now, he is being evaluated at a center in Texas. We still don't have a new pastor. I think we all are still grieving over the fact he is no longer "in the pulpit". I had hoped he would have a carefree retirement, but instead, he is battling cancer. He has touched so many lives, and I'm sure through this experience, he'll touch many more.


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